What is our Project Process?

What is our Project Process?


Long time, no post.

It’s been a busy few months here at The Britting Group. We’ve been completing projects and restoring sanity all over the Atlanta area. Our team and clients alike are rejoicing. We love what we do, and boy do we love watching our clients homes and day to day lives transform into the very best versions of themselves.

I’ve been putting a lot of thought around the common questions I hear during initial consultations. Our work speaks for itself, and to a certain extent it’s a ‘see it to believe it’ type of concept (hence our #transformationtuesday FB posts!). It is so difficult to put into words what a fully organized, functional, and practical home does for the soul. I see it in the eyes and faces of my clients all the time. But how do we get from A to B? From chaos to calm? From stressed out to stress free?

What exactly is our project process?

Of course, in a broad sense we all know what project means. I bet we all have a list of 5-10 running in our heads all the time. All that unfinished business. But- what does project mean in relation to The Britting Group? What happens when you hand it off?

Lets break it down.

  1. Assess

    • We have highly trained eyes and minds for project management. Through years of experience- we see the potential in a space, and we know how to get there. During our initial consultation, together we complete our Britting Group questionnaire which discusses things like short term and long term goals, areas of frustration, purchasing budgets, sensitive items, and organizational styles.

  2. Prep

    • Taking the information gained from our consult, we begin our hands on process. We start by systematically clearing out space by space. This gives us fresh eyes at a empty room, closet, pantry, etc. Clearing our a space means all nooks, crannies, bins, and cabinets. No more room for clutter to hide. This is where we really get to see what our project is going to achieve: going from cluttered to cleared out- both space in our home and space in our mind.

  3. Empty

    • This may seem redundant, but it is CRUCIAL. Prepping our space prepares us for emptying EVERYTHING. Yes, everything means everything. Pockets? Pencil pouches? Bookbag from 2001? Barbie dream house? Yep. We need to get it all out of there. Clutter breeds more clutter. It always starts with an “I’ll set this here and move it later” mindset- seemingly out of nowhere you have a room full of junk that is too overwhelming to deal with. Your solution? Close the door. Our solution? Let’s empty it all out, get it all out there, let it all see the light.

  4. Sort

    • This is every organizers dream. I get excited just thinking about it. The key? Piles and Persistence. This is where all that assessment work we did really comes into play. We must be pretty rigid here if we want to make a big impact and make those goals come to life. We love to remind clients to keep in mind that terrific Marie Kondo motto “Does it spark joy?” when determining what to keep and what to get rid of. We pile trash, donate, keep ( per family member), and move (to elsewhere in the house).

  5. Restore

    • This is the fun part. For clients and the team working on their behalf. We get to see all that hard work and all those difficult choices really pay off. See the impact a space that’s working FOR you and not AGAINST you can do for a person. We return all those miscellaneous items to their new home in the house, determine & label new organizational systems, load up trash & donation to remove from home, and replenish space with new practical & useful items.

…and then? With a hug and a small token of our appreciation, we check that project off the list, and leave you to enjoy your time however you enjoy it most…

Until that next project needs some managing.

And you’ll know exactly who to call to get the job done.

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