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Lifestyle managers tackle the stressful components of your life. We serve as the intermediary between you and suppliers or contractors, take tasks off your to-do list, organize your home, and streamline your schedule.

At The Britting Group, we save our clients time, headaches, money, and sanity. We offer access to an elite level of services, and one person to manage all the details. With various membership levels, we can cater to individual needs, budgets, and produce an environment that allows you to spend your time doing what really matters.


We have a list of preferred vendors, verified as quality service providers. However, clients are never required to use our providers. We will gladly work alongside any company or individual that clients request.


Not to worry! Our membership services are designed to focus on time spent instead of by the task, to allow us the flexibility to meet and exceed all your needs. 


Hourly services are billed weekly, and memberships are prepaid on a retainer basis. A precise log is kept of expended hours, and client is notified when membership is near fulfillment. Clients are given the option to purchase a new membership, continue at an hourly rate, or suspend service.

how does billing work?

Whether you have hourly or package services, all invoices/time logs are sent via email through our secure billing system. Invoices/ time logs are broken down into itemized lists, time stamped, along with any attached receipts. Hourly invoices and package time logs are sent biweekly, or upon completion of specified projects.

What areas do you serve?

Currently we are available for services in the Greater Atlanta Area.

How do you typically handle communication?

Communication is key in our line of business. Our goal is to give our clients one person to manage all the details of all those time sucking projects. Communication can generally be broken down into two categories:

how do you communicate with Ongoing projects & tasks?

Our standard recommendation is downloading our preferred 'to-do list' app, allowing all parties to have access to real time lists and information. That being said, if you want to approve all decisions, receive relevant updates, or just want us to 'get it done', we are happy to accommodate our clients individual communication styles as we knock out projects and give you back the time you deserve. 

How do we get started?

We are thrilled to help you take back your time! Here are the first few steps to get our relationship started:

1. Please visit our contact page, so that we can schedule your free 1-hour consultation.

2. At your consultation, we'll be getting to know YOU. What are you looking for? What's that one (or 50) project(s) that just can't seem to get done? How can we best accomplish your needs? Together, we will sort and prioritize your to-do list and say goodbye to all that stress.

3. Lastly, we will assess your ideal package options, and pick the one that best suits your lifestyle. With a welcome packet, you'll be on your way!


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